"Cary Collins and Tom Radja are experienced professionals with a demonstrated track record in the practice of public pension law and are directly involved with the day to day operations of the I.P.P.A.C. pension organization"

Tom Bockmann

"Mark had always mentioned here and there different things about the firefighters’ pension but I never thought I had to pay attention. The fire department members and pension board were/are very concerned for both me and my son.
When I first met with some of the members of the pension board, to sign some medical releases, they gave me Mr. Radja’s phone number and suggested I call him. My first thought was - I didn’t know I would need an attorney. Then I thought about it, if the pension board is suggesting Mr. Radja they must really respect him and the work he does. So I did call him.
Mr. Radja has been very patient with me, explaining everything along the way. He has promptly answered all my telephone calls and emails. It is has been very evident that he has always had my best interest at “stake”. For that I am very grateful.
At such an overwhelming time it was very reassuring to know that I had one less thing to worry about. Thank you, Mr. Radja.
I know nothing can ever bring Mark back. I also know he worked very hard as a firefighter for 24 years to provide for his family and protect his family’s future. I am very confident that Mr.Radja helped make that happen."

Thank you,
Cheryl Johnson
Deputy Chief Mark Johnson, Hinsdale Fire Department (my husband)

Cheryl Johnson, widow of Deputy Chief Mark Johnson, Hinsdale Fire Department
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